A sustainable fashion label of a special kind is being created...

Ethic Leather

Fairly produced, customizable fashion from (plant-based) leather alternatives
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Our vision in a few sentences

We initiate a real alternative to current leather clothing, based on plants.

In addition to the current alternatives between real / genuine leather ("animal") and faux leather ("plastic") a new opportunity will be created! Especially for real fans of the feeling, there is no real option so far.
The desire of people for more individuality and well-fitting clothing gets very special attention by us!
We initiate an ethically fair and sustainable production, thereby creating jobs and products, which have no rival in this branch of industry.

Our goal is to become the "pace maker" of leather alternatives!

Who is behind Ethic Leather? - The future founding team

This person presentation serves only the preliminary information and shows the involved competences. At the moment we haven't started any business, because we are still in the planning phase. All important information can be found in our imprint.

Patrick Schröder

Patrick Schröder

Founder, Development Idea and concept, Corporate communication, Branding, Marketing concept, Male model, Community building, Distribution

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Current pausing our vision

Due to the global economic challenges and the unpredictable political situation, we have decided to pause the work on our vision and then resume it when some stability has returned.

The use of the term "leather" and our point of view

The leather industry and associations are currently trying their best to make alternatives bad. The term leather has always been a term for animal skin (in the dairy industry, it is very similar). But popularly, all the alternatives are also very common... for example, pineapple leather (Piñatex), apple leather (AppleSkin) or even mushroom leather (Amberskin).

But the terms Faux or imitation leather have been a household name for decades - and also contains "the word". And why is there actually the active designation "genuine leather", if everything is quite clear with leather?

We say it clearly... it's time for a change!

Everything is allowed and has its justification! Live and let live! Our mission is not to badmouth something, but to make sure that there can be more ecological alternatives! 50% less plastic is already very valuable, even if less is definitely more!

That the legal view of the term "leather" is currently another, we are fully aware! Therefore, it's not debatable for us that every garment will be individually clearly and understandably labeled from which material it is.

We want real and honest cooperation and we break new ground! Living ethics instead of proclaimed dogmatism.

Your active support

Follow our plan, share it, keep it happy... We are grateful for any form of support!
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